Join the nation's largest challenge-driven hackathon @ DeveloperWeek 2024!


Join the largest challenge-driven in-person & online hackathon, co-located with DeveloperWeek 2024!

Our hackathons regularly attract over 800+ participants -- and we are inviting the international developer community to converge in-person & online this year for the DeveloperWeek 2024 Hackathon!

In Person & Awards - Oakland Convention Center - February 22-23, 2024

Online - February 5-23, 2024

 1. Register via Eventbrite.

2. Create a DevPost account and click Register on the DevPost DeveloperWeek 2024 Hackathon page.

3. DeveloperWeek 2024 Hackathon Kicks off February 5, 2024!

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4. Review full Hackathon Instructions here!

* All Hackathon Attendees must be pre-registered on both: Eventbrite & Devpost.


View the Full Set of Instructions here!

  • Registration - Must register via both 1) Eventbrite & 2) Devpost prior to Hackathon.
  • This is an in-person & online hackathon. Teams will be formed on at the DeveloperWeek 2024 Hackathon. From Devpost, participants can message each other to form teams, participate in chat boards, and communicate with sponsors.
  • Teams can build apps from scratch (Mobile App / Web App).
  • Teams can solve no challenges (build whatever you want) or can submit to as many challenges as they want.
  • There will be two rounds of judging. During Round 1, judges will review all team projects and fill out a scoring sheet on each to determine the Overall Hackathon Winner. Round 2 is the Sponsor Round of judging. Each sponsor will judge the teams working on their Challenge(s) and determine a winner(s). The sponsors choose their own prize winners.
  • Round 1 judging will be based on: 1) PROGRESS: How much progress you make on your submission; 2) CONCEPT: Does your submission solve a real problem?; and 3) FEASIBILITY: Could your submission grow/evolve to become a startup or be a profitable business.

Hackathon Sponsors


$63,124 in prizes

DeveloperWeek 2024 Overall Winner

1 winner - $12,500 USD value

1st Place Prize:
- Amazon Echos (Up to 5)
- DevNetwork Premium All-Access Passes to all 2024 virtual conferences - Announcement in our email to 60,000 subscribers listing your team and project

Codacy Challenge - Complete Any Other Challenge in This Hackathon, and Add Codacy to Your Workflow. Ensure You Have No Critical Security Issues and Demonstrate an Overall Best Use of Static Code Analysis to Improve Both Code Quality and Security. (6)

1st Place: 1-year subscription to Codacy (up to 3 developers), a Premium Barista Espresso Machine + Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC, OR the same value in Amazon gift cards to split between your team, and a Codacy Swag Pack
2nd Place: 25$ Amazon gift cards for the top 20 submissions


Scan the project that you built with Codacy and prove that your project has no critical security issues, by submitting the following:
- A link to your repo in your git provider
- A screenshot of your SRM dashboard on Codacy showing no critical issues
- A screenshot of your repository dashboard overview on Codacy
- A written description of how you used Codacy to improve the quality and security of your work

The main criteria for this challenge are:
- Show use of Codacy's Trivy and Semgrep integrations with zero critical security issues
- Have Codacy Coverage turned on with at least 1 unit test

Explore Codacy to the fullest: set up PR gates, set up all the static analysis tools appropriate to your language
Submit a meaningful piece of code - project complexity will be taken into account
Achieve a Codacy Quality Grade of A
Get as high a score as you can for unit test coverage Challenge - API Ecosystem Integration Challenge (2)

1st Place: $750
2nd Place: $250
As an added bonus, Gravitee Swag will be given to all submissions that meet all requirements and "wow" the team.


In this hackathon challenge, you will showcase your expertise in designing, developing, and integrating a microservices, monolithic, or both architectures using traditional REST APIs or Event-Driven communication protocols. You will leverage the power of the Gravitee API Gateway to create a secure and scalable API ecosystem, encompassing backend services, an authentication system, and a frontend application that relies on your APIs for your chosen architecture(s). The goal is to seamlessly connect all components using the Gravitee API Management platform.

1. Design and implement a secure architecture, selecting either a microservices, monolithic, or both approaches, and ensure that each service is seamlessly integrated with the Gravitee API Gateway.
2. Implement a robust authentication and authorization system utilizing methods such as JWT, OAuth2, or API keys to guarantee the security of your services.
3.Prioritize security best practices, scalability, and the ease of management throughout your implementation.
4. Demonstrate your ability to effectively manage and secure APIs using Gravitee APIM.
This challenge will put your API integration and management skills to the test, as you create a comprehensive API ecosystem with a focus on security and scalability. Show us your expertise in building, securing, and managing APIs with the Gravitee API Gateway!

RavenDB Challenge - Social Exchange Challenge: Sparking Joy Through Item Exchanges (2)

1st Place: $1250 in Amazon gift cards + $1250 in RavenDB cloud credits
2nd Place: $750 in gift cards + $750 ravendb cloud credits


Create a platform centered on facilitating exchanges where users can list specific item requests or offers for sharing or gifting.

The challenge involves building:
* Efficient algorithms for matching diverse items, such as a green size S coat or left-hand scissors. The system should support many item types, with different features and capabilities for each.
* Location-based services to connect users to nearby items ready to be exchanged.
* A "window shopping" feature that enables users to explore local item offerings.
* A feedback system that allows users to rate and review items, lenders, and borrowers, emphasizing the significance of user reputation.

Technical Requirements:
* Utilize RavenDB as the database backend, leveraging the RavenDB client API with any supported programming language.
* Develop a web application optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Embark on this challenge to craft a user-centric exchange platform, showcasing technical prowess and innovation.

Descope Challenge #1 - Build a B2Anything Onboarding Flow With Descope (2)

1st Place: $1000 cash prize, to be equally divided among all team members.
2nd Place: $500 cash prize, to be equally divided among all team members.


User onboarding can make or break an app. Adding too much cognitive load during onboarding can lead to drop-off and harm retention. Not paying attention to account security can cause serious damage in the form of bot attacks and identity fraud. Most importantly, a lack of personalization during onboarding can make your app get lost among the competition.

Your challenge is to create an onboarding experience for an app that serves at least two distinct user bases: one of them should be individual consumers (B2C) and the other one should be business employees (B2B).

Your goal is to create frictionless, secure, and personalized onboarding journeys for distinct user bases for the same app. Consider the following aspects in your onboarding journey:

Which authentication methods to use for B2C vs B2B
What questions to ask (progressive profiling) for first-time B2C vs B2B users
What security controls to add (MFA) and when
What authorization controls (RBAC, ReBAC) to add for which stakeholder

Here are some examples to spark your creativity (your app can be anything you want and doesn’t have to be similar to the below examples):

An EdFinTech app that connects students, university admins, and loan officers. Students (B2C) can discover and apply to colleges and loans. University admins (B2B) can list their colleges and review student applications. Loan officers (B2B) can list their loans and review loan applications.
A shopping app that serves buyers, sellers, and logistics partners. Buyers (B2C) can browse and shop for products. Sellers (B2B) can set up their online storefronts and field orders. Logistics partners (B2B) can partner with sellers to list and fulfill shipping and delivery options.

Get started:
Sign up page on website:
Quick Start in Docs:
Preview and interact with Descope authentication flows:
Join our community to ask your questions:

Docs and tutorials:
Video tutorials:
Descope Flows:
Session Validation:
Sample Apps:

Evaluation Criteria
Creativity: Originality of your solution and how effectively you use Descope Flows and progressive profiling for both B2B and B2C users.
User Experience: The quality of user interaction with your solution, taking into account the balance between data collection and user comfort.
Privacy & Security: Compliance with data privacy regulations and best practices in handling user data.
Scalability & Robustness: Ability of the solution to handle a large number of users and vast quantities of data.
Presentation: Clear and coherent presentation of the solution's features, benefits, and use cases.

Descope Challenge #2 - We Do Auth, You Do You (20)

$50 gift card for each team member (in any challenge) that implements Descope authentication flows in their app / project (Up to $1000, 20 participants total, most innovative projects to be awarded).

Alloy Automation Challenge – Launch & Use Integrations Creatively

1st Place: $750 + Press Release + Video Feature on Alloy website & social

Use Alloy’s Unified API Introduction and leverage at least 2 different apps in your project. Projects will be graded on the following:

1. Implementation of authentication modal

2. Creativity of integrations page / UX

3. Bonus points for *functional integrations* (ie not just a data sync)

Vonage Challenge - Video Coding Quest

1st Place: $1000 Vonage API credits + $250 Amazon Gift Card (maximum of 4)

Vonage Communication APIs offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to empower developers in creating communication solutions. From messaging to voice and video capabilities, Vonage Communication APIs provide a reliable foundation for building applications that enable real-time, contextual communication.

In this hackathon, you'll elevate your Vonage Video experience to the next level by building an application that uses the Vonage Video API.

In this hackathon, we invite all Vonage Video customers to unleash their coding prowess and come up with innovative solutions using Vonage Video API features and functionality. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a coding enthusiast, this challenge is the perfect platform to explore the possibilities of real-time communication.
Sample Application Ideas/Inspiration:
- User Experience Enhancement: Develop features that enhance the overall user experience within Vonage Video applications.
Integrations Galore: Explore creative integrations with other Vonage APIs or third-party services to add value to your video applications.
- Scalability Solutions: Propose and implement scalable solutions that can handle increased usage and demand for Vonage Video services.
- Accessibility and Inclusivity: Create features or enhancements that make Vonage Video applications more accessible and inclusive for a diverse user base.

How to Participate:
- Register for a Vonage Developer Account at
- Access the Vonage Video APIs and documentation to kickstart your project at
- Join our community forums to collaborate, ask questions, and share your progress with fellow participants.
- Submit your final project by the deadline for a chance to win.

You can use coupon code 24DWSF10 to get €10 account credit for your project. Instructions on how to redeem a coupon are here, and if you need more please just reach out to the team

Verbwire Challenge #1 - Build using Email Assets

1st Place: Up to $2500 in Verbwire API Credits (Across multiple teams with cap of $45 per team member)

In this Challenge, innovators and developers are invited to create groundbreaking applications by integrating the Verbwire API for Emailing Digital Assets (NFTs). Your project should showcase the versatility and potential of the Verbwire API in a unique and inventive manner. Think outside the box and bring something new to the table!

Endpoint URL:
Youtube Channel:

• Primary integration of the Verbwire API for Emailing Digital Assets.
• Inclusion of other Verbwire API endpoints is encouraged for additional functionality.
• The project can span across any domain - from gaming to digital marketplaces, social media, or beyond.
• Ensure your application maintains a focus on user experience and practical utility.

What to build: Your imagination is your only limit. Design a project that you're passionate about or one that addresses a specific problem or need in the digital asset space. Whether it's a new way for creators to share their work, a unique marketing tool, or a social platform with NFT integration, make sure it stands out!

Bonus Points? Absolutely!
• Integration with additional APIs beyond Verbwire to enhance functionality.
• Implementation of creative and efficient UI/UX designs.
• Demonstrating scalability and security best practices in the application.
• Utilization of blockchain technology for additional features.
• Building a community or social aspect around your application.

Get support anytime: Join our dedicated Discord community for 24/7 assistance and networking with fellow participants:

Verbwire Challenge #2: Build with AI and Verbwire APIs

1st Place: Up to $2500 in Verbwire API Credits (Across multiple teams with cap of $45 per team member)

In this Challenge, innovators and developers are invited to blend the power of AI with the capabilities of the Verbwire API. We're looking for projects that not only utilize the Verbwire API creatively but also harness the potential of AI to redefine the way we interact with digital assets.

• Essential integration of the Verbwire API(s).
• Use of AI to enhance the functionality, user experience, or innovative aspects of the project.
• Exploration across any domain - be it art, education, entertainment, finance, or beyond.
• Emphasis on creating a seamless, engaging, and user-friendly application.

What to build: Unleash your imagination and technical prowess. Craft a project that's close to your heart or one that fills a gap in the digital asset world. From AI-driven NFT curation platforms, intelligent asset management systems, to interactive and AI-enhanced digital marketplaces, the possibilities are endless. Participants are free to use any AI library, tool, API that they want, allowing them to tap into a wide array of resources and expertise to create innovative AI-powered projects.

Bonus Points? Definitely!
• Incorporation of cutting-edge AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, or computer vision.
• Showcasing innovation in UI/UX design utilizing AI elements.
• Ensuring scalability, security, and privacy in your AI-integrated application.
• Adding a community or social networking feature that leverages AI.

Resources and Support:

Explore the Verbwire API documentation for detailed insights:
Stay updated and get inspired by Verbwire's latest innovations on their YouTube Channel:
For real-time assistance, networking, and collaborative opportunities, join our Discord community:

Oracle Challenge – How can you use Oracle AI to improve your Fantasy Premier League team? – In Partnership with Premier League (2)

1st Place: $1000 In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Credits / Premier League and Oracle Swag & Raspberry Pi
2nd Place: $500 In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Credits / Oracle Swag

This is an exciting challenge for Developer Week participants to demonstrate how their Fantasy Premier League team can improve their chances of winning by using Oracle AI and Database to make recommendations such as player swapping, ranking, transfers, and drafts. Each position comes with its own points system, so, let's see if you can take advantage of that.
In partnership with Premier League, an official dataset will be provided to run powerful analytics on your team.
Oracle AI service:
Oracle DB:
Oracle ADB:
Oracle Cloud infrastructure:
Oracle APEX:
Premier League Dataset:

Convex Challenge #1 - Best App built on Convex

1st Place: $1000 and 6 months of Convex Pro

Use Convex to build fullstack apps with the backend that your product deserves. Designed for the modern web developer and startup founder, Convex handles everything in your backend that isn’t your application logic, letting you focus on writing your app. Drop your standalone databases, file storage solutions, search, realtime libraries, crons, and ORM for a thoughtfully designed experience with powerful developer ergonomics.

Get started at

Convex Challenge #2 - Best AI App built on Convex

1st Place: $500 and 3 months of Convex Pro

Develop a fullstack AI application that leverages Convex's Next-Gen AI Ergonomics, Realtime UI updates, and Living applications features to create a seamless and efficient user experience.

Get started at

Chainlink Challenge - Build something secure and verifiable with Chainlink and Blockchain

1st Place: 1,250
2nd Place: 750

Build an application or proof of concept that uses blockchain technology and Chainlink Functions as part of the tech stack. Using Chainlink Functions and a blockchain such as Ethereum, build an unhackable, censorship resistant, transparent and verifiable application.

You can use a blockchain such as Ethereum for backend logic, settling value or transferring ownersip of data or assets, then use Chainlink Functions to connect these on-chain programs (called smart contracts) to off-chain data, events and APIs.

Some ideas for inspiration:
- Censorship resistant news or world events aggregator
- Tokenized game asset marketplace that games can use as a third party game asset marketplace
- Developer/code platform where developers own their data and code, using Functions to store code off-chain in a database or cloud provider
- Artist royalty contracts done on-chain as smart contracts, with Chainlink Functions used to pull in streaming data to determine payouts
- Build any application that combines the superpowers of blockchain and AI, using Chainlink Functions to connect smart contracts to AI APIs, such as the OpenAI API


Chainlink Functions:


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Geoffrey Domoracki

Geoffrey Domoracki
Founder, DevNetwork

Sada Choudhary

Sada Choudhary
Senior Software Engineer @ Vonage

Shira	Shamban

Shira Shamban
CEO and co-founder @ Solvo

Fawaz	Ghali

Fawaz Ghali
Head of Developer Relations @ Hazelcast


Technical Lead @ Twilio

Daniele	Bernardi

Daniele Bernardi
Chief Prompt Engineer @ Omniprompt

Samridh	Pandey

Samridh Pandey
Senior Consultant @ Capgemini Netherlands

Cheryl	Aranha

Cheryl Aranha
Principal Software Engineer @ Intuit

Shraddha	Patil

Shraddha Patil
Director or Product @ Palo Alto Networks

Simon	Müller

Simon Müller
CTO @ wattx

Vishal	Pallerla

Vishal Pallerla
Developer Advocate



Ari	Kamlani

Ari Kamlani
Senior AI Strategist and Technology Architect

Chaitrali	Kshirsagar

Chaitrali Kshirsagar
Machine Learning engineer @ Synthetaic

Jeff	Bull

Jeff Bull
Head of Community @ Cisco

Zohar	Babin

Zohar Babin
EVP Platform & Growth @ Kaltura

Karthik	Krishnaswamy

Karthik Krishnaswamy
Head of Product Marketing @ ngrok

Philip	Farhad

Philip Farhad
Director of Engineering @ Cyber Defense Group

Eran	Kinsbruner

Eran Kinsbruner
Global Head of Product Marketing @ Lightrun

Tracy	Adams

Tracy Adams
CTO @ Greetr

Frederic	RIVAIN

Frederic RIVAIN
CTO @ Dashlane

Surbhi	Rathore

Surbhi Rathore
CEO & Co-founder @


Functional Architect, Orders and Spares Management @ Lam Research

Marisa	Smith

Marisa Smith
Data & Developer Advocate @ Tobiko

Valarie	Regas

Valarie Regas
Developer Advocate

James	Oyanna

James Oyanna
Senior Frontend Engineer @ Homefort Energy

Diana	Kelley

Diana Kelley
CISO @ Protect AI

Gilbert	Cabillic

Gilbert Cabillic
CEO @ ScaleDynamic

Raul	Popa

Raul Popa
CEO @ TypingDNA

Diego	Susa

Diego Susa
Head of Engineering @ Unleash

Graham	Haythornthwaite

Graham Haythornthwaite
VP of Engineering @ Wonde

Tim	Bates

Tim Bates
Fractional CTO @ Tim Tech Insights

Vaijanath	Rao

Vaijanath Rao
Head of Data Science @ Quicken

Alejandro	Mercado

Alejandro Mercado
Founder @ KMMX

Jeremy	Glassenberg

Jeremy Glassenberg
Product Lead @ DocuSign

Victoria	van Roosmalen

Victoria van Roosmalen
CISO @ Coosto

Amreth	Chandrasehar

Amreth Chandrasehar
Senior Manager - AI @ Nvidia

Roxy	Stimpson

Roxy Stimpson
VP of Engineering | Head of Innovation @ F5

Christina	Zhu

Christina Zhu
Developer Relations & Community Manager @ Visier

Ahmad	Awais

Ahmad Awais
Founder & CEO @

Mike	Nelson

Mike Nelson
Technical Evangelist @ Pure Storage

Sid	Maestre

Sid Maestre
VP Developer Relations @ APIMatic

Ashish	Bhalgat

Ashish Bhalgat
Cloud Practice Lead @ Thoughtworks

Jagadish Venkatraman

Jagadish Venkatraman
Senior Engineering Manager/ Senior Staff Engineer @ LinkedIn

Nahrin Jalal

Nahrin Jalal
Developer Relations Leader

Ron Efroni

Ron Efroni
CEO @ Flox

Giorgio Natili

Giorgio Natili
Director of Software Engineering @ Mozilla

Grishma Jena

Grishma Jena
Data Scientist @ IBM

	Prasad Krishnan

Prasad Krishnan
Engineering Leadership @ Stripe

Adora Nwodo

Adora Nwodo
Founder @ NexaScale

Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield
Co-Founder and Chief Open Source Officer @ CodeFresh

Naphat Sanguansin

Naphat Sanguansin
CTO @ Prodvana

Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley
CEO & Founder @ Position 6 Advisory

Jessica Temporal

Jessica Temporal
Sr Developer Advocate

Gloria Felicia

Gloria Felicia
CEO, Founder @ AtlasPro AI

Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh
Chief Product & Technology Officer @

Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain
CEO @ Aviator

Nik Jain

Nik Jain
Director of Solution Engineering, APAC @ Dynatrace

Shinjani Gaur

Shinjani Gaur
Senior Engineering Manager, Platform Engineering @ VMware

Alexander Alten

Alexander Alten

Nuwan Dias

Nuwan Dias
VP and Deputy CTO @ WSO2

Shedrack Akintayo

Shedrack Akintayo
Community Manager @ Isovalnet

Emma Burstow

Emma Burstow
Director of Developer Relations @ Umbraco

Ohad Manor

Ohad Manor
CTO @ 4Cast

Anton Gochev

Anton Gochev
VP of Engineering @ Luko

Oleksandr Kondratiuk

Oleksandr Kondratiuk
VP of Engineering @ akirolabs

Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta
Co-Founder @ Keploy

Christopher Butters

Christopher Butters
CTO Global Financial Services @ NetApp

David Sandilands

David Sandilands
Principal Solutions Architect @ Puppet

Martin Loewinger

Martin Loewinger
V.P. of Cloud Engineering @ SmartBear Software


Development @ united

Anthony Dombrowski

Anthony Dombrowski
Product Manager/Developer Advocate

Varun Kulkarni

Varun Kulkarni
Senior Product Manager @ Cisco Systems

Rajesh Tammana

Rajesh Tammana
Senior Director of Engineering @ Oracle

Sam Boswell

Sam Boswell
CTO @ terralayr

Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta
Co-founder/CTO @ LoginRadius

Rosalind Radcliffe

Rosalind Radcliffe
CTO for CIO Technology Platform Team @ IBM

Anita Ihuman

Anita Ihuman

Brian Rinaldi

Brian Rinaldi
Developer Experience Engineer @ LaunchDarkly

George	Hantzaras

George Hantzaras
Director, Engineering @ Kubernetes

Michel Murabito

Michel Murabito
Developer Advocate @ Mia-Platform

Arthur Hicken

Arthur Hicken

Rohit Sinha

Rohit Sinha
VP of Enterprise Solutions @ Encora

Dejan	Milicic

Dejan Milicic
Head of DevRel @ RavenDB

Karol	Rogowski

Karol Rogowski

Ashley Willis

Ashley Willis

Shannon Lietz

Shannon Lietz

Carsten Jacobsen

Carsten Jacobsen
Founder @ Cubitura

Daniel Phiri

Daniel Phiri
Senior Developer Advocate @ Weaviate

Wesley	Pullen

Wesley Pullen
Field CTO @ CloudBees

Daniel Carrión

Daniel Carrión
CTO @ Inspide

Tanya Vlahovic

Tanya Vlahovic
Head of Engineering @ 3P Ecosystem Experiences

Sugandha Kapoor

Sugandha Kapoor
Co-founder @ Shaztra

Vini Jaiswal

Vini Jaiswal
Open Source & Developer Relations

Tom Hacohen

Tom Hacohen
Founder & CEO @ Svix

Judging Criteria

  • Progress
    How much progress did you make?
  • Concept
    Does it solve a real problem?
  • Feasibility
    Could this become a startup or company?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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